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Mainframe Technology: Cost Effective and Transformational

Our products and services enhance the traditional IBM z/OS® workload in three key areas:
  • Secure file transfer and cooperative processing
  • z/OS and Unix integration
  • Java technologies

Our operating philosophy is to offer quality products under either a free community license or combined Enterprise License and Support agreements.

Latest News

St. Charles, MO - August 18, 2015 - New release of the Co:Z Toolkit for z/OS 3.1.2

St. Charles, MO - July 7, 2015 - Beta release of the Co:Z Toolkit for z/OS 3.5.0

St. Charles, MO - March 3, 2015 - z/OS Ported Tools - OpenSSH Compatibility

  • The Co:Z Co:Processing Toolkit is compatible with both z/OS Ported Tools - OpenSSH versions v1.2 and v1.3.


The Co:Z Co-Processing Toolkit is collection of tools for connecting z/OS platforms to other computing environments securely and reliably. The toolkit facilitates:

  • z/OS Enabled SFTP
  • z/OS Hybrid Batch
  • z/OS Unix Batch Integration

T:Z Quickstart for Tomcat is a distribution of Apache Tomcat which is specially packaged for easy installation, configuration, and operation on IBM's z/OS operating system.

  • Includes SAF/RACF authentication realm
  • Versions for Tomcat releases 6 and 7
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